Boostrap in Joomla - a Responsive Love Story

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As a romantic at heart I am super happy to see the amazingly responsive love affair between Bootstrap 3 and Joomla develop and become more serious.  I can only hope the same for my kids as they grow and start their own tentative relationships, flirtatious at first and the love affair become more serious.  

What better time for a mobile first Joomla relationship to evolve than in the lead up to Valentines day?

And what's more, our lucky Joostrap members are about to get lovin' with an extra dose of next generation Bootstrap webdev love, with a complete rebuild of the Joostrap v3 responsive and mobile first Joomla Templates about to be released .... yeah baby, you got the love to see you through :)

I don't want to spoil the surprise too much ... but you can catch some highlights of some of the new features on the Joomla Responsive Web Design Facbeook page

Imagine a Joostrap World, that's just .... better.

A couple of months back we announced we were putting in place some changes to make Joostrap more valuable to our customers - more value in products, service, support and community.

We've welcomed in the new year, with what we hope will be the beginning of our beautiful relationship together ..... 

  1. New, super-sexy responsive website.
  2. New forum to give you better support.
  3. Ooohh baby, love the new 404 page (tutorial coming soon).
  4. Not to mention a new Learning Centre .. get your strap on.
  5. Updated subs-system ... with PDF invoices :yay:
  6. Ability to partner up with just one template if you wish.
  7. New delicious Partner benefits being developed.
  8. Three templates in two months ... with another coming soon.
    ..... and yes, there's more ....
  9. A primary reason for the rebuild ... integration of remote one click update and upgrade is coming soon
    ..... yep, after everything else, that what really pushes my buttons.

In the mean time, we're getting our Joostrap beaten down, broked up, fixed and made super awesome strong - our Joostrap v3 Base is getting pushed to it's limits.  Ensuring we have a super-stable, strong and versatile base Boostrap3 Joomla template core and functionality, we've released our baby to the wild, to come back better ... big and strong, just like Fabio  ... maybe a bit sexier :)

... so let's keep awesome, let us know how we can serve you better.  Get in on the discussion in the forum, and as we build up the Learning Centre, come in and participate ... it's like a community Responsive Web Design University ... just for us groovy Joostrappers  .... love it !!



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Stay Calm & JoostrapJoostrap's new 404 page

In a flurry of bold British imperialism Phil has subjected a poor (maybe innocent, not sure??) young child to dummy loss and many, many tears ... a 404 can be extremely upsetting, we know.

Remember, no matter what happens
... We're Never Gonna Give You Up

Help Us Help YouJoostrap's Boostrap Forum

Jump in and let us know what you'd like, what your priorities are ... vote on suggestions, let us know if something isn't quite right.
We've upgraded our forum and communication channels

You never know ... you might just get what you want  :)

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