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Anyone remember Grandmaster Flash’s famous song the The Message from 1982? On April 30th 2014 this famous tune came vividly to mind.

Right after Joomla’s 3.3 release, all of my Joomla sites shattered like glass.
[Fortunately there were no “people … on the stairs because they just don’t care”.] 

Only my Joostrap based websites were the stable honourable exception.

So what, I hear you say?

Worst affected were my sites using the helix framework from Joomshaper, completely disappeared after updating!  Well, it took the guys from Joomshaper almost three weeks to find a solution (and there was no chance to rebuild an updated page - you still have to update Helix, before you can update Joomla). They had to build two updates: Helix 2.16 on May 3rd, and Helix 2.17 on May 12th.

But what about other Frameworks?

Each year nominate the best framework. This year’s nominees were:

  • Gantry (Rockettheme)
  • Zen Grid (JoomlaBamboo)
  • T3 Framework (Joomlart)
  • Warp Framework (Yootheme)

This year, Gantry performed best, but I remember there were problems with the 3.2 update. On the other hand, we had massive problems with T3 Framework, and many other 3rd party extensions broke completely, too. They fixed it on May 12, almost two weeks later!

Four weeks down the track, almost all Frameworks were working with Joomla 3.3.  So none of the 2014 nominees survived the 3.3 release unscathed!

It's like a jungle sometimes - it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under….

So what was the honourable exception?

Oh I almost forgot, I updated all my Joostrap Sites, too, and they’ve all performed flawlessly.

Joostrap say their obsession is ‘bloat’ – and reducing it. And it shows. Their lean, mean code base delivers speed and stability, in a flexible, responsive template.

Don't push me cause I'm close the edge; I'm trying not to lose my head

What have I learned from this sorry episode?
Do I have to use bloated, cookie-cutter code from frameworks?  Do I have to suffer upgrade blues and stress?  I have learnt there is a better way.

The Message

 SO, to survive the Joomla upgrade blues I know what to do - I know I can rely on Joostrap!


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Peter Ansari is a web designer from Germany and has been part of the Joostrap community since 2012.
You can find out more about Peter and his business at

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