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PressMag is the great new Bootstrap3 based responsive Joomla template from Joostrap.

We've also recently re-released the Joostrap Base template with the blazing fast and highly optimised Joostrap Backbone, the New Cleanliness template and the new Google Plus Display module.

What's more, we've even bundled extra new mobile friendly article display modules in the templates ... and there more on the way !!

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Taking bootstrap enabled responsive web design to the next level is nothing new to Joostrap.  Having taken the lead back in 2012, Joostrap once again jumps well ahead of all other Joomla template developers.

With a totally refactored Joostrap backbone code base, enhanced functionality and optimised approach ... Joostrap is proud to announce the Joostrap Base template 3.1.5 release - the first in the next generation of Boostrap 3, mobile friendly, responsive Joomla templates.

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Cleanliness is a slick, clean, minimal, professional mobile friendly Joomla template from Joostrap; built with the latest Bootstrap v3 powerful responsive web design features.

Every awesome mobile friendly Joomla template from Joostrap is developed to provide website developers and designers a flexible, fast and highly configurable base which can be used for a wide range of website builds.

The Cleanliness template does an amazing job of doing this and includes the following features:

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Building a responsive website with Joomla gives you a heap of power under the bonnet ... you can achieve great things. To keep that Joomla power optimised it's a must to ensure you don't load unnecessary non-core and framework bloat.

Just like a high performance motor vehicle, even with a powerful engine, you need to have a lightweight optimised body to ensure you get great mileage and perfromance.  That's why we've built the Joostrap Backbone, which is now available in all Joostrap V3 templates - delivering optimum responsive web design performance for your Joomla website.

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Complexity in our designs is often unavoidable as the client loves all of the wiz, bang & fancy transitioning effects afforded to us by CSS3 and alike. Sometimes, it’s also necessary in the real world. When working for any client there is always going to be a level of complexity that we will try to reduce. But with the introduction of RWD (Responsive Web Design), 'bloat' is the new buzz word and reducing our sites 'bloat' should be paramount if we are wanting our sites to work quicker on smaller mobile devices.

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