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The easiest way to set up virtual hosts in MAMP is to use the commercial version of MAMP Pro, which automates & simplifies the process through the MAMP Pro console. 

So if you want lovely/memorable URL's for developing locally on your Mac, here's what you have to do.

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Until NOW ... getting image optimisation right for different screen sizes, mobile devices and tablets has been a problem for any web design and development project in Joomla.  For professional Joomla web designers and developers this has been nothing less than painful.  Now there is an easy solution for optimised responsive web design (RWD) images for Joomla - and Joostrap members.

Enter Joostrap's one click install optimised Adaptive-images and pre-configured supporting cache package - free for Joostrap members.

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Joostrap is lucky enough to be the Gold Sponsor for JoomlaDay Sydney 2014 ... supporting the Joomla community in Australia and networking with users at the event on 10-12th of October.  Max will be the local Joostrap representative on-site and is looking forward to catching up with the broader Joomla community.

During the event we will be highlighting some of our cool new Joostrap features as well as optimising your site to perform on search engines and make the site owners money  :)

To celebrate our involvement Joostrap has special discounts available throughout October for template and subscription purchases of 25% and 33% respectively.  Please check you Joostrap newsletter or our facebook and twitter posts for the discount codes :)

Major Feature Updates for Joostrap's Bootstrap3 based RWD Templates

As part of Joostrap's ongoing push to offer the most advanced Bootstrap3 based Joomla templates we've come leaps and bounds over the last few months.

Our Joostrap Backbone code has been further enhanced and standardised to provide a super-stable, extremely-optimised and very easy to customise template base code that is bursting at the seams with stable, highvalue goodies for web-designers, developers and site owners.

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Our latest Template - say hello to 'Portfolio'
A beautiful Photography, Magazine & Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Portfolio is one of the most complete HTML5 Templates for Joomla. It includes minimal bloat (no framework!) and various portfolio options (including a Flickr slideshow) which is suitable for artists, photographers, creative agencies, digital studios, personal freelancers, and any kind of business owner that would like to showcase their portfolio beautifully.

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Anyone remember Grandmaster Flash’s famous song the The Message from 1982? On April 30th 2014 this famous tune came vividly to mind.

Right after Joomla’s 3.3 release, all of my Joomla sites shattered like glass.
[Fortunately there were no “people … on the stairs because they just don’t care”.] 

Only my Joostrap based websites were the stable honourable exception.

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