Cleanliness is a slick, clean, minimal, professional mobile friendly Joomla template

Cleanliness is a slick, clean, minimal, professional mobile friendly Joomla template from Joostrap; built with the latest Bootstrap v3 powerful responsive web design features.

Every awesome mobile friendly Joomla template from Joostrap is developed to provide website developers and designers a flexible, fast and highly configurable base which can be used for a wide range of website builds.

The Cleanliness template does an amazing job of doing this and includes the following features:

cleanliness laptop

  • Joomla! Template with Bootstrap v3 'awesomeness' joomla 3.x.x
  • Installable Joomla Template with administrator template configurations
  • Easy install 'QuickStart' - giving you the exact styling of the demo website
  • Fully responsive (RWD) design
  • Full of Bootstrap v3 component goodness
  • Off canvass, slide in menu with module positions
  • Totally responsive (RWD) layout and design
  • Includes a great Bootstrap Joomla Article slider modules
  • Easy to use templating parameter tools
  • Easy customisation and infinite colour configurations
  • The latest FontAwesome v4 icon set -
  • Google font ready and configured via template administrator
  • Beautiful clean classes and styling
  • Most Importantly - no template framework bloat




Cleanliness also see the first release of our newly optimised base code. This template is over 40% smaller in size compared to previous template version … meaning meaner, leaner Joostrap templates … while at the same time we’ve solved many niggling bugs and boosted the features and options available.

There’s also some enhancements with content layouts:

  • A newly configured and optimised portfolio layout … which is looking pretty cool.
  • Joomla articles are now loading from core layouts, to take advantage of core improvements like microdata.
  • Massive reduction in core overrides, with even more weight loss planned.
  • Refactored and optimised assets, scripts and loading sequence.


We love this new template and hope you do too.


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cleanliness template ipad
cleanliness template iphone
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