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Today, Joostrap released a brand new backbone code revamp. This brings lot's of improvement, bug fixes and some super sexy enhancements to the users whole experience. Along with lot's of exciting stuff, some of the main items are a new off canvass mobile navigation, infinite colour changes and a brand new carousel module.


So, what's some of the new bits & pieces in this release?


1. The new code backbone

The code has been totally overhauled and refactored to be quick & conflict free.

We listened to the Joostrap community and took onboard everything that our members were saying and closed 54 issues.

We sorted out issues so that other extensions wouldn't conflict. We also added great new template functionality like:

  • Custom colour picker's to change 'any' set colours of the designed site
  • Scroll to Top functionality, which can be enabled or disabled
  • Upgraded FontAwesome, to give you the latest icons
  • A wireframing parameter, to help you present a prototype to your client
  • Most importantly, we are now running on the latest version of Bootstrap (v3.1.0)

Actually, there is far too much to list here - so you're best off testing the Corporate template and giving it a whirl.

corp git image


2. A new 'Off Canvass' mobile menu

Everyone was saying, we have to have a menu that slides in gracefully from the left hand side - the way Facebook does things with their app.

So we have done it... but not just that, we have also introduced some very useful module positions in the slide-in menu area to give you areas to add important stuff like a search of contact information for example.

This new item comes into play below 768px width, so it doesn't interrupt with any functionality on desktops or iPad sized handheld devices.

Believe me, it is pretty damn sweet on mobile phones!

{loadposition off_canvass_nav}


2. A brand new Carousel Module

Lastly and by no means least...

Yes... I know... us designers & developers hate carousel sliders, but the truth is that your client 'loves' them.

The marketing folk out there just thrive on swishy, transitioning things - that they can get into peoples faces with their "call to actions". It's the Real World and we have to supply the goods... right!

The only issue with this is giving our end users something that they are happy working with, is intuitive and kid's play to administer. So we have done it and created our new Joostrap Bootstrap Carousel Module.

It is very easy to use and users can pick & choose unlimited article titles, intro text, links and images they want to transition. We have made it as simple as possible and it just works... period!

corp blog mod

So there you have it... busy busy

Corporate is purring with all of these new enhancements - I'm off to migrate these cool things, especially the new backbone, to the other templates... so watch this space!

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