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Joostrap is lucky enough to be the Gold Sponsor for JoomlaDay Sydney 2014 ... supporting the Joomla community in Australia and networking with users at the event on 10-12th of October.  Max will be the local Joostrap representative on-site and is looking forward to catching up with the broader Joomla community.

During the event we will be highlighting some of our cool new Joostrap features as well as optimising your site to perform on search engines and make the site owners money  :)

To celebrate our involvement Joostrap has special discounts available throughout October for template and subscription purchases of 25% and 33% respectively.  Please check you Joostrap newsletter or our facebook and twitter posts for the discount codes :)

Major Feature Updates for Joostrap's Bootstrap3 based RWD Templates

As part of Joostrap's ongoing push to offer the most advanced Bootstrap3 based Joomla templates we've come leaps and bounds over the last few months.

Our Joostrap Backbone code has been further enhanced and standardised to provide a super-stable, extremely-optimised and very easy to customise template base code that is bursting at the seams with stable, highvalue goodies for web-designers, developers and site owners.

The latest release is our Joostrap Base V3.4 release a few days ago, with the same feature set and standardisation of this template being rolled out to all current Bootstrap V3 Joostrap templates within the week.

Here's a quick summary of just some of the new features:

  • New / improved features
    - Added new function for menu icons with FontAwesome and Glyphicons
    - updated layouts to have nice icon display on email/edit/print dropdowns
    - Added new function for loading fontawesome from CDN
    - Further enhancements to the automagical BS2 to BS3 function inbuilt to the template admin
    - Updated off-canvas mobile menu assets to latest versions and added functionality, effects, etc
     - enhanced gototop function, cusotmisation and translatable
    - standardised naming and version number to match JoostrapBackbone version
    - Updated Documentation, Readme and included Extensions
    - ... plus a heap more
  • New included Extensions
    - Social Media Metatags
    - Bootstrap Params Plugin
    - Blog Image Links
    - Revolution Slider
    ... see the readme file included with the new V3.4 template releases for extra informaiton on the bundled extensions.


If you haven't had a play with a new Joostrap release for a little while I highly recommend having a tinker with the Joostrap Base 3.4 release - there's some VERY cool stuff ... like the auto-magical Bootstrap2 to Bootstrap3 upgrade and the fact the WHOLE template is only 1.1Mb  ... this is a super-stable, long-term release that is a GAME CHANGER generational update to the Joostrap templates ... and a serious boost to Bootstrap responsive web design in Joomla.

TIP:  Members can stay up to date with what we're working on as well as recent developments at

We'll have another update on our V3 template releases over the coming days or week and we look forward to JoomlaDay Sydney, and really look forward to working with our members with this new Joostrap Backbone 3.4 code base - we're sure you will love it as much as us  :)


A special thanks to code contributions, feature suggestions, feedback and issue reporting from friends and members Troy Hall, Josh Banks, Dave LaneNiels NĂ¼bel, Frank Delventhal, Alison Meeks & numerous other members who have been super-helpful.  THANK YOU  ... we really appreciate it  :)


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