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Building a responsive website with Joomla gives you a heap of power under the bonnet ... you can achieve great things. To keep that Joomla power optimised it's a must to ensure you don't load unnecessary non-core and framework bloat.

Just like a high performance motor vehicle, even with a powerful engine, you need to have a lightweight optimised body to ensure you get great mileage and perfromance.  That's why we've built the Joostrap Backbone, which is now available in all Joostrap V3 templates - delivering optimum responsive web design performance for your Joomla website.

What do you get from the new Joostrap Backbone?

  • completely re-written and stabilised Bootstrap3 in Joomla integration
  • heaps of bugs and Boostrap3 feature enhancements
  • infinite colour picker template customisations from template administrator area
  • complete reconfiguration of load sequencing of css and script assets to optimise load time
  • easy css customisations via inbuilt custom.css file, that is only loaded if used
  • load script assets via Boostrap3 CDN and integrated asynchronous google analytics
  • navigation all running via core Joomla menu module, no extra modules required
  • awesome off canvas mobile navigation panel, which includes responsive module positions

We look forward to even more improvements and features being available, all while ensuring minimal weight and optimal performance for your website projects.

Here's an early video of the mobile navigation off-canvas implementation in the Joostrap3 Corporate template.

We're super-committed to ensuring Joostrap delivers absolutely cutting edge mobile friendly responsive web design Joomla templates, as well as great, professional and friendly support.  If you haven't tried it yet, we highly recommend downloading the latest version and testing it out ... it's responsive web design awesome sauce ;)

Delivering optimum responsive web design performance for your Joomla website.

Got some suggestions on where you'd like to see the Joostrap Backbone heading ... leave your comments and suggestions below.

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