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Until NOW ... getting image optimisation right for different screen sizes, mobile devices and tablets has been a problem for any web design and development project in Joomla.  For professional Joomla web designers and developers this has been nothing less than painful.  Now there is an easy solution for optimised responsive web design (RWD) images for Joomla - and Joostrap members.

Enter Joostrap's one click install optimised Adaptive-images and pre-configured supporting cache package - free for Joostrap members.

The users of Joostrap templates expect the absolute best in easy development of their sites, fast design implementations and site performance ... while being the best and most stable responsive template available or Joomla.  We're continually searching for a way to improve performance of our members websites ... and what leading technologies we can use to best serve our members.

We've known about the adpative-images script for quite some time, as it is an excellent solution to improve and optimise website images for use across many different screen sizes and bandwidth requirements.  While we've known this, the implementation into a Joomla site has always been complicated and difficult, requiring configuration on the server side ... and sometimes other complications with Joomla as well.  When we became aware of the excellent Adaptive-images Joomla extension we got very excited.

XT Adaptive Images for Joomla is a port of script for Joomla!

Adaptive Images detects your visitor's screen size and automatically creates, caches, and delivers device appropriate re-scaled versions of your web page's embeded HTML images. No mark-up changes needed. It is intended for use with Responsive Designs and to be combined with Fluid Image techniques.


  • Works on your existing site
  • Requires no mark-up changes
  • Device agnostic
  • Mobile-first philosophy
  • Easy & powerful customisations
  • Faster Page Loads & Reduced Server Load, easy integration with a Content Delivery Network (CDN)



However, there was still limitations, additional configurations and usage of special caching plugins required as well - yep, still complex and needing a fair bit of reading and understanding to get this up and running.

Let's make this available to Joostrap members and make it EASY 

So we approached the devleopers of these great extensions and how we could work together to develop this further and make it available to our members .... and what we've ended up with is a Joostrap optimised and preconfigured install package - that installs in one click and is pre-configured to work right from the start.

If you are a Joostrap member, head on over to the downloads section and grab the Joostrap Adaptive-images package. 

Please help support the primary developers of these packages by donating and/or purchasing the pro versions of the extensions.

We are very grateful and thankful to the following:
- Extly who made the Joomla integration
- Matt Wilcox who is the developer of the Adaptive-Images script
- JotComponents who created the included JotCache

Without the great work of these folks, we would be unable to offer this great solution to our members.

As always, if you have any questions, want to connect with other site developers or need help with Joostrap templates, extensions or building your website ... head on over to our members forum and get involved - we'd love to help you make your site succeed online


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