Responsive Web Design 'Pointbreak' (Not Breakpoint) - When a Site Breaks!

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Just a thought, so putting this here for open conversation.

I want to get people to stop using endless media queries... period.

In RWD development, a Breakpoint is an intentional stopping or pausing place where something is intentionally changed.

Often, I see front-end dev's going OTT with media queries. In fact, I have just seen one site with media queries for 1400px, 1200px, 1170px, 1024px, 991px, 768px, 650px, 450px, 320px... this is getting out of control & quite frankly it's unmaintainable and ludicrous!

I want to coin a new term in responsive web design, "Pointbreak".

So why Pointbreak?

In my head, a Pointbreak is that 'Point' in time when a design is going to 'Break'. This is what we really should be looking at or we'll be adding Breakpoints for every scenario & every device (wowcher!).

Thinking in terms of Pointbreaks when developing could potentially (in the ideal world) give you just 1 media query.

So here's an ideal example:

The width of the site when the nav is going to clash with the logo (for example) so we have to change to a burger icon for the menu/nav. This is the point in time the site may break, so we add a media query.

 What's your thought's? hit me with it... ;-)

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