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Taking bootstrap enabled responsive web design to the next level is nothing new to Joostrap.  Having taken the lead back in 2012, Joostrap once again jumps well ahead of all other Joomla template developers.

With a totally refactored Joostrap backbone code base, enhanced functionality and optimised approach ... Joostrap is proud to announce the Joostrap Base template 3.1.5 release - the first in the next generation of Boostrap 3, mobile friendly, responsive Joomla templates.

Optimised and Enhanced Install

First off you will notice that the template install package is over 40% smaller than previous versions.  There is no framework bloat ... it's just the awesomeness of Bootstrap3 working in Joomla ... the extra awesome Joostrap way  ;)

We've also improved the installation, in that there is no need to uninstall previous installs of the template.  The new version will install as it's own template version - just go to extensions manager, install, integrate any customisations and when you are happy, change over to the new version.  You will love this easier, more pleasant upgrade experience.  more info here >>>

You will also notice your site will load even faster than before, while also enjoying the benefits delivered through enhanced core features, like Joomla v3.3 microdata and improved routing already being available through our templates.  This is just some of the benefits of Joostrap ... the best way to build your Joomla website, with no framework bloat.

Enhanced Features

Menu & Navigation

We have spent a lot of time over the last few months identifying and optimising the way Joomla can work with mobile friendly and Boostrap3 based navigation.  We think you will LOVE how the menu in our new templates work within Joomla, both on mobile view as well as large screen view.

A marriage of the best elements of Joomla and Bootstrap navigation, brought together to deliver a beautiful and enjoyable user experience.

The mobile navigation has been enhanced with app-like off-canvas menus baked in, with options to load from any side of the screen (even the top or bottom if that's what you want) and custom module positions available in the off-canvas responsive panel.

Custom Script Handling

One of the most loved features of the Joostrap templates is the ease and common-sense way to which the templates can be customised ... super easy and so logical.  We've taken this even further, helping to ensure you can not only build a great looking website, but you can also easily measure the success of your website.

With the fast paced world of analytics forging ahead, we have greatly enhanced the implementation of analytics tracking codes within the template administration itself.  There are two new files and ways to embed your analytics tracking codes from within the template administration area.

Our enhanced script handing now makes easy to use and manage advanced analytics and tracking codes in your website.  Please view the new Custom Code tab in your template administration area for more detailed instructions of how to take advantage of this new enhancement.

Bug Fixes & Feature Requests

We've addressed all feature requests and bug reports in this latest release ... and it's looking pretty damned good.  There are new template paramaters like custom body classes and the removal of all but the most essential html overrides, allowing ALL Joomla core enhencments and stability updates to be taken advantage of immediately.  Not only does this mean very easy, reduced maintenance with your designs - but it also means that when Joomla updates you are safe with Joostrap ... no huge framework bugs to cause problems - Joostrap just works :)

Known Issues:  The base template since first released has had a administrator option to select custom template colours.  In this initial release of the new Joostrap base template this functionality is not working as a selection from the template administration area.  You can load the css styles manually ... if you'd like assiatance with this, we're more than happy to help via the members forum.

We'd love to hear about your experiences with Joostrap and invite our members to work with us to continue improving our products.  I hope you enjoy these updates and the enhanced functionality and stabilty now available with the Joostrap Base Template.

Head over and take a look >>>

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