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Did you know that not only does our new site look a lot prettier, there's a lot more than just pretty looks and awesome responsive design that's gone into it .... and it is all to benefit you - our friends, members and customers.  And you know what ... I am super-excited with what we've got planned to improve the value that all involved will get from Joostrap, our templates, support and community.

joscars joostrap winner mobile Joomla website templatesWe're already the best ... lets keep getting better.

To ensure that Joostrap keeps growing and that we met your needs it was time for Joostrap pick-up it's game and get some serious oomph behind our offerings.  We reviewed all your feedback and experiences in the forum and social media, boiled it all down to the essence of what was required and got stuck into making sure we make the Joostrap community, products and support super-licious awesome.     (yes, that's a word!!)

As I'm sure quite a few of you haven't read some of our recent blog and email updates, here's a summary: I'm Max, Phil's new partner in Joostrap, and I look after business development, market engagement and customer retention for Joostrap.  My main job really boils dont to be the CHO ... Chief Happiness Officer.

So ... underneath the hood of our new super-sexy is a roadmap and start point of the NEW Joostrap ... here's our starter list:

  • Update Subscriptions, with proper Invoicing and purchase/subscription history
  • One click remote updates and integrate as service via Joostrap site
  • Stable, consistent and powerful base template ... the base of all other templates
  • Improved inbuilt SEO, SERP and social integrations
  • Focus on functionality that will actually help you improve your business through your site
  • Latest RWD, Unlimited Everything and One-Click-Updates
  • Faster and easier customisation & optimisation
  • Easy configure and customise cool layouts & modules
  • Improved inbuilt optimisation of images & scripts
  • Great communication and support channels
  • Better and more open management of feature requests, bugs, etc

We want your website to be an amazing and awesome platform for success.  Our Joomla templates, extensions and support will continue to be technically exceptional ... now we're also going to pack in so much extra value, SEO and optimisation goodness .... we'll all have huge smiles on our faces.

We also have a new dedicated learning centre being developed for all members, as well as increased member and developer partner benefits ... Check out the new Joostrap site - it's time to get your Joostrap on !!!



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