We love you guys ... so here's some great offers

... we just hope it gives you some great savings, extra value and that warm fuzzy feeling that we're all in it together and sorta looking after each other a bit ;)

To get us started we've put in place renewal discounts for all members:

1 month get 12% discount
---> €37 - 12% = €32,56
3 month get 15% discount
---> €74 - 15% = €62.90
6 month get 18% discount
---> €111 - 18% = €91.02
12 month get 22% discount
---> €177 - 22% = €138.06

.... don't miss out on more specials and offers - keep an eye out and also stay up to date via our blog, social media and newsletter .... details in the footer below

Note: renewal discounts apply when renewing a membership before it expires - after a membership expires, it becomes a new subscription rather than a renewal.  We also have discounts pormoted via our facebook group and newsletter ... so join and signup to get notification of these as well.

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