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Add Bootstrap Styles to JCE Editor

How do I add Bootstrap css styles to JCE editor?

Log in to your Joomla admin panel: http://YourSite.com/administrator/

1. Click on Components -> JCE Administration -> Configuration

2. Scroll down to Formatting and set Use template CSS to NO

3. Put the path of your bootstrap.css file into the Use Custom CSS field - i.e. templates/YourTemplateName/css/bootstrap.css

4. Save


One thing you will now see is that you've got a long list of styles that you actually don't want.

Just want some button styles?  Simply copy and paste (don't remove) the Bootstrap button styles (beginning with .btn) form the bootstrap.css file and create a new css file (i.e. buttons-jce.css) and point the custom CSS field to it: templates/YourTemplateName/css/buttons-jce.css

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