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I haven't been able to get the contact details I've added in the Contact component to show on the Contact Page from a menu. It will show the image, the position and also the ability to download as a V Card, but none of the other details.


Due to design considerations in some of the templates, it is intended not to show the 'normal' contact info in this template and to nicely use the top position to show it.   Just a design/style thing....

It shuold be fairly easy to get this working for you .... just go to your custom.css and add in:

dl.contact-address { display: inline-block; }

You may have to change some other css to get it looking how you want ... but this should get all of the contact details information to show on the pages.

For more solutions please check out our community support forum - there's a rich picking field of code, hints, tips and solutions available.

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