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update-lessonJoostrap has released an awesome new Joomla template that's jam packed full of responsive web design and Bootstrap goodness .... and I want to upgrade.

What is the recommended way to perform the update?

From 22 April 2014 we've made updating your Joostrap template a bit easier ....

... here's some notes to help ensure it's a smooth upgrade.


  • Just install as a new template through extensions manager ... as you would any regular extensions, module or template.
  • There is no need to uninstall old versions, as the template will install as it own version, along side older Joostrap versions. This is intended to make the upgrade process smoother and less painful.
  • There is a slight update to the file structure for css and js to be aware of.


  • custom.css stays the same and is where you put your custom css code
  • Custom CSStab in template admin is renamed to Custom Code

JS & Analytics Code

  • previous google analytics code field in "templates > edit style > miscellaneous settings" works as previous
  • there are two new asset files to place analytics and tracking codes. Please see the "templates > edit style > custom code" tab in the template admin for further information on enhanced functionality and usage.


  • Once you are happy customisations/settings are setup as required, simply change this template to default or assign to the relevant menu items and test to make sure everything seems OK.
  • When you are completely comfortable with the new template version, you can uninstall the older version through extensions > manage extensions in your Joomla admin.
  • Remember, always keep a backup so you can restore if needed.

OK ... so we're all sorted.  If you have any issues or problems please let us know in the fourm.

Instructions prior to 22 April 2014

It's a pretty quick and easy:

  1. backup the template via FTP
  2. uninstall the old template via the admin
  3. install the new version via admin
  4. add back any custom.css changes you may have made

... and that's all there is to it.

Remember: backing up before performing any updates and major changes to your site is a good idea.  Akeeba Backup is a great way to do this ... we even have a discount for the pro version for everyone who's part of our community http://www.joostrap.com/my-joostrap/special-offers

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