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Getting Started With Joostrap - Responsive Joomla Templates

Are you new to Joostrap and you just want some help getting started?  
If so, you're in the right place to start.

Note: this information is really only relevant if you are already a member of the Joostrap community.
We're amazingly awesome here at Joostrap ... so head on over and check out some of our templates and join us to help your web projects be more successsful.

Now you have a Joostrap membership, you have access to the following resources:

 Steps to getting your Joomla site, and yourself, Joostrapped

  1. First thing is to login and go to your downloads area and download the template you wish to use - it will be a zip file with the template name.

  2. Extract this zip file and investigate the contents.  In the current v3 template downloads you will find these directories as a minimum:
    1. documentation
    2. quickstart
    3. template
    4. ... maybe also a modules or extensions directory - depending on the template download.

  3. In the documentation folder you will find instructions and documentation specific to the template and download files

  4. In the quickstart folder, you will find a JPA file ... this file is an executable full demo site backup, to replicate the Joostrap demo site install of your template. The JPA is an easy installable single file, which is executed via the included Akeeba Kickstart file (kickstart instructions on the Akeeba site). 

  5. In the template folder you will find a zip template file which installs as per any regular Joomla template

  6. If you are new to Joostrap and/or Joomla, it is recommended to start with the quickstart site, just so you can get used to how the template, Joomla and the content from the demo site are all put together to make it work.

  7. If you are updating or building a new website it is highly recommended to use the latest Joostrap v3 templates.  They have more functionality and are better optimised to the most recent website optimisation techniques, are mobile first and will give your site a longer lifespan, thereby incresing your return on investment.

  8. Read the Documentation that comes with your template.  It will set out the settings and functionality for the template succinctly, so you don't waste time trying to figure out how it works.

  9. Are you wondering how mobile first, responsive design and Bootstrap works ... what's all these codes and classes and such?
    - We are developing our own learning and resources centre here on the Joostrap site ... so check out our support areas
    - We HIGHLY RECOMMEND at least some familiarity the Bootstrap site.
       Joostrap IS Boostrap in Joomla ... a little understanding will give you a lot of Responsive Power.

  10. Still looking for answers? Come over to the support forum and search for your problem and find answers to thousands of questions.

  11. Still can't find your answer, start your own discussion in the forum and get help from staff and community members to get your issues resolved.  

General Joostrap Installation and Setup Guides


Joostrap Version2 Installation Setup Guide    joostrap_installation_setup_guide.pdf

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