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Opencart eBay Marketplace Integration Nulled 1.0.6 [OC 2x – OC 3X] Opencart Free Download

Opencart eBay Marketplace Integration Nulled is the smoothest approach to synchronize the eBay marketplace with the OpenCart store that allows sellers to sync products from Opencart to eBay in bulk for their desired categories and can map the products with eBay categories.

eBay Marketplace Integration Opencart Plugin Nulled Features

  •  Easy integration with the eBay seller & developer account.
  • Enable to set the module status: Just toggle tab and your integrator is all ready to list products on eBay Marketplace.
  • Set the account type as Sandbox or Live Mode.
  • Inventory Management from the OpenCart store itself.
  • Shipping Management: Create Shipping Templates and sync them to the eBay Marketplace.
  • Order Management: Import eBay orders to the OpenCart store and process them from the OpenCart store itself and also update the order status via CRON.
  • Bulk Product Upload: List products to the eBay Marketplace from the OpenCart store in bulk.
  • Map multiple products and categories on eBay using the OpenCart eBay connector.
  • Profile Based Product Listing: Create profiles for the desired categories to list the products to the eBay Marketplace.
  • Add multiple products in bulk on eBay by uploading all the products at one time in just a few clicks. To sync the products to the eBay Marketplace from the OpenCart store the admin needs to map the OpenCart store category with the eBay store.
  • Manage the listed products: Sellers can Add, Edit or remove the products listed on eBay Marketplace from the OpenCart store. They can also enable/disable them depending on the availability of the product.
  • Relist or revise the products by executing CRON: Admin has to just click on the CRON present under the synchronization tab. After executing CRON, the products will be re-listed or revised on the eBay Marketplace.
  • Specifics & Variations: The eBay OpenCart connector extension allows you to send the specifics and variations of the product to the eBay marketplace.
  • View the listing status of products on eBay: Admin can keep a check on the listing status of the eBay Marketplace products from the OpenCart store.
  • Price Management: The admin has the option to list the products on eBay at a higher or lower price than the OpenCart store to offset the eBay commision on the percentage or fixed basis at the time of creating the profile.