SEF Wizard for Joomla Nulled 3.9.5

SEF Wizard Nulled is an extension intended to improve native Joomla! SEF. It has simple logic and high performance. The package contains a system plugin – “Engine”, and a backend component – “Controls”. SEF Wizard allows you to remove IDs from the URL of standard Joomla! components.

SEF Wizard Joomla Plugin Features

  • Removing IDs from the URL of standard Joomla! components.
  • Removing page duplicates: redirect 301 to the canonical page, block duplicates with an error 404, setting the canonical link in duplicates, setting the NOINDEX meta-tag for non-SEF URLs. There are several duplicate filtration modes that can give you flexibility or straightforwardness in duplicate handling.
  • Beautiful pagination: you can set custom pagination tags instead of native non-SEF query string parameters – the pagination tags become the part of URL, for example “category/article/page-1”.
  • “Smart” error handler. Create a customized error page based on your template. The design of your template will be saved, as well as all modules you are using.
  • Sending email notifications about fatal errors on your site.
  • Improving of the tag routing (correction of URLs like “component/tags/tag/item”).
  • Robots.txt editor, that allows you to edit this file from the admin panel.
  • Redirect manager that allows you to externally or internally redirect locations to new URLs with the HTTP status codes of your choosing. In redirect rules, you can use regular or exact expressions. Works with absolute and relative URLs. It has UTF8 support that allows to work with UTF8 domains without punicode.