TAGZ Open Graph Nulled 4.0.9

TAGZ Open Graph Nulled and Twitter Cards into your Joomla! based website. By doing so, your website tells social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest and LinkedIn what information to display whenever you or anyone else shares a link from your site.

TAGZ Open Graph Joomla Plugin Features

  • TAGZ automatically fetches the required information from the items to generate the Open Graph Tags and Twitter Card tags for the Joomla Components described below
  • To make sure only one set of tags is defined for a page TAGZ will take care of deleting any other Open Graph or Twitter Card tag
  • TAGZ can also be defined for Menu Items, which is component independent
  • If a TAG for a Menu Item and an Article has been defined you decide which one will be used
  • TAGZ is very intuitive to work with, which makes it a breeze to use