vReview Nulled 1.9.11

vReview Nulled is a powerful, features rich, easy to use Joomla Review System for Joomla!. vReview is a complete Ajax based Rate, Review or commenting component for all Joomla websites. It allows your website visitors to review / comment on any kind of webpage whether it’s a Blog, a product or any business listing. This means that the vReview could potentially be integrated quite easily into any Joomla extension.

vReview Joomla Plugin Features

  • To boost sales, build credibility, and surface your top products or services.
  • To Collect and display visitor reviews and ratings on any kind of webpage whether it’s a Joomla Article detail, Article listing, or Blog listing.
  • To Rate and Review the content of third party Joomla extensions like Virtuemart, K2, JoomShopping, JomSocial, EasySocial, EasyBlog, SobiPro, ZOO, etc.
  • To enjoy Reliability and Flexibility of the World’s First Complete Rating and Review System for all Joomla Components.
  • To Increase popularity of your brand entertaining your site visitors by allowing to rate and review your brand.
  • To build a Business Directories and let the customers Review their favorite businesses and share the experiences with community.
  • To build a Restaurant Directories and let the People Search & Critic through Your Restaurant Directory.
  • To build a Product Catalogues where customer can share their most helpful reviews with other customers.
  • To get your Readers to easily Rate and Review Books on your Book Reviews website and let them share their most reliable reviews with community.
  • To get your visitors to easily Rate and Review Events on your Website.
  • To build Movie & Gaming Review Websites.
  • To build a functional online store where user can rate and review the products.