Mobijet Nulled 1.0.0 Agents, Customers & Payments Management App | Android & iOS Flutter App [Free Download]

Mobijet Nulled is a Customer Support & Agents Management App. Mobijet App Supports wide range of features like Realtime communication between Agents & Clients, Agents & Agents Chats , calls. On the top of that Everything is monitored by Admin. Even if admin is not available to monitor at any particular time, the App records the activity as long the admin sets and later admin can review the activity All at once.

Mobijet Mobile App Nulled Features

  •  Separate Interface for Customer & Agents (also Dept. Manager & Second Admin)
  • Show Email OR Phone login option based on the Authentication type set by Admin
  • Customer can Login / Register New account using Phone / Email
  • Agents can Login / Register New account using Phone / Email
  • Verify Phone number using OTP
  • Forgot Password / Send Reset Link in email
  • Login & registration can be Enabled / Disabled by Admin
  • Approve New account after Admin Verification (On/Off)
  • Single Device Login at a time
  • Save Current Device Details in server
  • Notify Admin on New user join
  • Auto-create Support Ticket on New Customer joined (On/Off)
  • Customer can create support ticket by selecting Department
  • Automatically Assign the Departments Agents in Support Ticket
  • Agents & customer can communicate in the Support Chat room
  • Share Multi Media & Files easily
  • Agents can / cannot see Ticket Customer name & Photo
  • Second Admin can / cannot see Ticket Customer name & Photo
  • Department manager can / cannot see Ticket Customer name & Photo
  • Change Department Status (Mark attention, Request Close, Active, Closed)
  • Customer can / cannot see joined Agents name & Photo
  • Customer can see all other agents in Support Chat room.
  • SECRET CHAT mode for Agents (Multiple agents can chat in the same support chatroom yet the Customer cannot see those messages)
  • Quick Replies (Save / preset message templates)
  • Realtime typing… indicator
  • Agents can see if customer is Online
  • Customer can see if agent is Online
  • Assign an agent for CALL with Customer
  • Call events are saved in the activity history
  • Delete Message (Admin will still be able to read it from Admin App)
  • Admin can also delete message (with reason that will be visible to sender)
  • Tickets are sorted department wise
  • Customer can leave Rating / Feedback after closing ticket
  • Reopen ticket after XX days (if allowed by admin)
  • Agents & Customers cannot delete the Chatroom
  • Ticket messages & media auto deleted in XX days after closing
  • Agent cannot see other Agents contact details
  • Agent cannot see Customer contact details
  • Customer cannot see Agents contact details
  • Each events are recorded and shown to Admin

Mobijet Mobile App Free Download

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