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Midrub Stream Nulled 0.1.9 – Script for Like, Unlike, Follow, Unfollow, Gmail Replies and News Read

The Midrub Stream app Nulled provides an original way to monitor all your online activity in a single page. You can see in real time all your emails, private messages on social networks, comments, RSS’s posts and you can interacte with them.

The Stream app allows you to reply to emails, comments, posts, share posts, like, unlike, follow, unfollow, retweet and vote.

The main goal of this app is audio alerts. Users can open Midrub’s in a browser tab, connect more Stream’s templates and select a sound alert for each stream. Then users can leave Midrub in background and when they will have new events, the Stream’s app will play the selected audio alerts. Custom audio alerts will help users to understand what kind of new events they have.