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Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce (UA) module – PRO v5.1.0 [v1.6.-v1.7] Prestashop Free Download

The most advanced and reliable module to work with Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce (UA) module – PRO Nulled!Add an enhanced and customized datalayer on every page of your shop and plug every others services you like in few clicks (Analytics, Fb Pixel, Adwords…).

This module sends a lot more information than classic Google Analytics (or Universal Analytics), so you can have more accurate ecommerce reports.Know more about your e-commerce : Shopping and purchasing behavior, Economic performance, Merchandising success, Product Attribution…


  • Covers every aspect of Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce GA4 and UA
  • Works with Google Tag Manager Free Download (GTM)
  • Complete and dynamic Datalayer on every page
  • GA4 events: login, sign_up, search, add_shipping_info, add_payment_info, add_to_cart, remove_from_cart, begin_checkout, purchase, refund, select_item, view_cart, view_item, view_item_list and more useful events!
  • Compatible with multi-shop feature (with different ID for each shop)
  • Track with accuracy orders
  • Compatible Enhanced conversions
  • Work with classic checkout
  • Work with One Page Checkout
  • Total paid amount (w/wo taxes, wholesale price …)
  • Shipping Fees
  • Taxes
  • Customer informations (email, address, new customer, past orders…)
  • products list
  • Refund (Partial / total)
  • Coupons
  • Client information (User ID, new client, past orders)
  • Track product display in lists (category, top, new, search, promotion)
  • Track product clicks
  • Track product details
  • track coupon performance
  • Track add to cart / remove from cart (with quantity and combination)
  • track checkout steps
  • Track sign-up / login
  • Display orders sent to GTM in your BO