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v9.1.1 Blockshop Shopify Theme Free Download

Blockshop Shopify Theme Nulled is the perfect theme for a growing business. It is designed for innovative and active brands who need more from their website than just selling, like engaging the customers, creating easy options to share and others. The theme is completely responsive to mobile shopping, and you get to add-on multiple numbers of apps to improve the functionality of your Shopify website.

Use drag-and-drop sections and blocks to create custom pages throughout your store without special coding. Blockshop comes with flexible, well-designed blocks for images, products, video, quotes, and more.

Blockshop Shopify Theme Free Download Features

  • Multi-Column Menu: Multi-column Menu: With the Shopify Blockshop theme, it will feature product details and images in a large, multi-column drop-down menu, which means the sub-menus will not appear on the right, but your product photos will when a mouse-over action is done. As a result, your buyers will be able to see the content of that collection right at the moment they want to see.
  • Multiple Slideshows: Slideshow presentation of products is decisive for your eCommerce stores. The Shopify Blockshop theme allows merchants to have their brand or product images on their homepage. These pictures feature in a fade-effect slideshow; hence, your visitors can easily see your goods and branding photos on multiple slideshows on your home page.
  • Wide Layout: A piece of perfect product information, price, and upselling helps you grow the revenue. The full-width layout that the Shopify Blockshop theme provides is an excellent choice to start publishing more content.
  • Header Slideshow: The Shopify blockshop’s site-wide header slideshow lets you create a unified brand-focused shopping experience by showcasing multiple products or brand images at the top of your home page.
  • Home Page Video: Autoplay hero videos are trendy and sure to have an impact as your customers enter your home page. The Blockshop theme Shopify lets you add a video on its homepage.
  • Events feed: Your active social media account, newsletters, blogs, and events feed can be synced into your website easily, enabling you to connect and interact with their fans in the real world. You can share your latest Instagram posts in a full-width feed on every page.
  • Video gallery: You can capture your visitor’s attention with a great product/brand video and convert them into potential consumers. Besides, it’s plausible to convince store shoppers that you are the right company for them with engaging and exciting content. The Shopify blockshop theme has the perfect setup to embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo channel and effectively tell your story through multimedia product pages.
  • Mobile optimization: To reach out to a vast audience, blockshop theme Shopify is designed for mCommerce and smaller devices. The blockshop Theme encourages more sales with intuitive swipe gestures and clever layouts.
  • Color backgrounds: Visually attract your store visitors with custom background colors on key sections and product pages. Using this feature can be an attractive competing strategy. Blockshop Shopify Theme helps you keep your branding strong.

Blockshop Shopify Theme Free Download

The Blockshop Free Download can handle any type of products you would like to publish on the internet. That said, there is no need to restrict yourself in any way, shape, or form. Let Blockshop Shopify theme present your brand and products in the best possible manner and help you grow. Currency switching, drop-down menu, home page video, wide layout, and marketing pop-up are all part of the Blockshop deal.