cPanel remote rsync backup plugin for whm v11.3 Free Download

Cpremote is a cpanel backup software that supports incremental, compressed and uncompressed backups with seven days retention and have disaster management features. Cpremote is feature rich which include WHM interface for server administrators and cpanel interface for end users. Cpremote also have a set of command line tools that will help the server admin to manage backups.

cPanel remote rsync backup plugin for whm Nulled Features

  • cPanel Single Sign-On

You and your clients can login to cPanel/WHM from WHMCS Nulled without ever needing a second username or password at the click of a button. No need to re-authenticate.

  • WHMCS Connect

A new way to administer your servers. Utilising cPanel Single Sign-On integration to provide instantaneous login to any of your servers WHM control panels, right from within WHMCS.

  • Package Synchronization

Synchronize your WHMCS and WHM packages through the cPanel/WHM Nulled Import Tool to clean-up your servers.

  • Automated Suspensions

Suspend clients automatically when invoices are overdue and unsuspend automatically when their balance is paid.

  • Automated Provisioning

Never worry about manually setting up web hosting accounts again. With the built in cPanel Module Nulled you can provision accounts automatically.

  • Resource Usage

Know exactly the resource usage of your clients from your WHMCS installation. No need to login to multiple places.