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CSF Unblocker Admin Module WHMCS v4.64 Nulled

The original WHMCS CSF Unblocker Nulled is back! Now with new features and improvements to make your customer experience even better!

Is your help desk always filled with IP unblocking requests? Why not lessen your workload for your company by cutting down your unblocking request counts?

With the WHMCS CSF Unblocker Module Free Download, you can now give the unblocking power to your hosting clients without compromising your server’s security.

CSF Unblocker Admin Module WHMCS Nulled Features

  • Root logins/passwords/keys are NOT kept by our module.
  • Search for customer’s connected IP or let customer search the IP on the blacklist
  • Coded for “six” template core, no template editing is necessary to add the module to your WHMCS.
  • Support display for all provisioning module (New in version 4.4)
  • Unblocking menu can be shown on the sidebar or the main content of the clientareaproductdetails page (New in version 4.44)
  • Unlimited servers support
  • Central Firewall Portal (New in v4.6)
  • Differential & Passive Mode (New in v4.56)
  • CSF Cluster Mode support (New in v4.3)
  • Tech module for more restricted functions
  • API function for your customers to unblock
  • Limit how many unblock per hour is allowed
  • Remote calls [U]without[/U] needing SSH access (root access is needed initially to setup the permission/ownership for the files and the cronjob)
  • Remote server hash generation • Remote server script update
  • No special PHP extension/module is required
  • External access safe (randomized salted Hash is generated and checked before any task is executed)
  • Check for both deny list (csf.deny), temp ban list (csf.tempban) and whitelist
  • Configure & Install remote servers (cPanel & DirectAdmin) within seconds using our automatic installer commands! Regular hosting user and reseller hosting user mode (the mod will automatically get the IP of a regular hosting user, while reseller hosting user will have the option to search for a client’s IP address in the block list)
  • Blocked explanation (explain what the error meant, and how your client could prevent it from happening again) Server list syncing withing WHMCS (No need add individual servers manually)
  • Official Multi-Language support
  • Support all system running CSF, not just cPanel and DirectAdmin
  • View full blocking list within WHMCS-Admin Area
  • Stop unblocking of admin added blockings
  • Remote Server Auto Installer for cPanel and DirectAdmin Requirements: