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Juggernaut Security and Firewall Nulled v3.05-1 for plesk [Activated] Free Download

Juggernaut features an SPI firewall Nulled, brute-force protection, real-time connection tracking, intrusion detection, dynamic block lists, statistics and reporting, Modsecurity auditing, country blocking, Cloudflare support, and more cutting-edge technology to handle your security needs – all in one security extension.

SPI Firewall
A next generation SPI iptables firewall that fully supports IPv6 and IP sets. We have pre-configured settings that work on a Plesk server with all the standard Plesk services.

Juggernaut Nulled Features

  • Full IPv4 and IPv6 support with ip6tables.
  • Ipset 6+ support for high performance firewall blocking.
  • Allow or deny IP addresses permanently or temporarily (Supports subnets in CIDR notation).
  • Create advanced iptables rules for allowing or denying specific IPs or ports.
  • Robust command line interface for performing all firewall tasks.
  • Enable or disable iptables for specific network cards.
  • Enable strict rules to DNS traffic.
  • Filter packets for unwanted or illegal packets.
  • SYN and UDP flood protection.
  • Connection limit protection for protection from DOS attacks against specific ports.
  • Flood protection for protection from DOS attacks against specific ports.
  • Block traffic on unused IP addresses.
  • Whitelist dynamic DNS IP addresses so you never block yourself.
  • Search though iptables rules to see if an IP address is blocked.