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Rackspace cloud openstack for whmcs v1.0.5 [Free Download]

ModulesGarden OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS Nulled will allow you to automatically provision virtual servers and manage their crucial features straight in your WHMCS Nulled. By providing support for over 20 different providers along with a variety of configurable options, the module will help you offer flexible machines that will please even the most demanding clientele.

Our product will supply your client area with essential equipment for handling VPS servers. Your customers will be able to order instances tailored finely to their needs and control each of them remotely, overview the server status and scheduled tasks, manage backups, firewall rules as well as volume snapshots, and even access VNC, RDP, SPICE or Serial console without leaving your website.

Among a great many actions you will be free to perform as an administrator, enabling the rescue mode might be of particularly high value as it will permit your customers to retain access to their servers in case of any malfunction. The special importance lies also in the ability to load custom scripts to be executed automatically upon the first boot of an instance.