Product Sales Report Pro for WooCommerce Pro Nulled v2.2.23 Free Download

Product Sales Reports Nulled gives you granular control and powerful sorting options. See what products are performing best based on quantity or gross sales to help refine your online sales strategy. Sort by date range, order status, item, tags, category, fields, user type, grouping, SKU… you name it, we added it.

Product Sales Report WooCommerce Plugin Features

  • One-click generate and share – download your reports with a click or send them as an email to anyone
  • Create presets – save your custom report settings, regenerate reports faster, and move preset to other sites
  • Date range sorting – with presets or custom start and end dates
  • Order status sorting – include or exclude pending payment, processing, on hold, completed, cancelled, refunded, and failed
  • For specific user roles – including WordPress built-in roles, roles added by WooCommerce, and custom roles
  • Orders from customers with a specific field
  • Include specific products – based on product category, product id, tags, products with a specific field, and product variation
  • Grouping – bringing an additional reporting field into the mix
  • Sorting – choose the field you want the report sorted by and the order that it’ll display in
  • Set fields to include – add, remove, and drag and drop ordering
  • Format your report – title with dynamic fields, include a header and totals row, and file format options
  • Advanced styling – style your reports with custom CSS and branding