WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping Nulled v1.2.0 [Free Download]

WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping Nulled is the best plugin for websites that deliver their own goods and for website administrators that want a simple way to do shipping. It uses simple rules that don’t require you to create shipping zones.

The WooCommerce Distance Rates Shipping extension is perfect for the store owner who wants to charge customers for delivery of items based on how far away they are from the store. A perfect example would be for store hiring out equipment or a take away store.

Distance Rate Shipping WooCommerce Plugin Features

  • Distance Delivery Costs This plugin has distance as a variable in shipping cost calculations so you can charge for the distance of the delivery.
  • Flexible Rules This plugin is made up of rules so you can e.g. change the name of the shipping depending on which shipping cost applies to the customer (e.g. the customer can see the shipping charged as “Free Delivery” if the customer is within 5 miles).
  • Versatile Query Conditions You can use queries to make up any shipping condition you like (e.g. for products with certain attributes or custom fields).
  • Loads of options This plugin has lots of options so that you can even ship from multiple stores or let the customer choose delivery dates/times.
  • Lots of Variables This plugin has lots of variables like distance, country, volume, weight, quantity, order total, flat rate fee, dimensional weight, stock, product and product category for creating table shipping rates.
  • Easier to use than Table Rate Shipping This plugin has rules like table rate shipping but is much easier to use because you don’t have to set up shipping zones and the rules in this plugin are much simpler. This plugin also has more variables