29 September 2021 Mass traffic bot TraefikPro Unlimited Website Visitor Free Download

Mass traffic bot TraefikPro Unlimited Website Visitor Nulled is a high quality traffic bot to generate website traffic. TraefikPro view webstie in real browser window and use randomize behaviour in order to mimic real human traffic which appears on google analytics. It required proxies in order to spoof ip.

Mass traffic bot TraefikPro Unlimited Website Visitor Nulled Features:

  1. Built-In User agents
  2. View website in realtime
  3. Generate Unlimited Traffic
  4. Built-In Device emulator
  5. Detail log about each task
  6. Customize target configuration
  7. Multi-Threading (Performance)
  8. Automatic fresh proxies import from internet
  9. Safe for google analytics
  10. Support http/https, socks4 and socks5 proxies
  11. Single click installer (no dependencies required)
  12. Dark and Light theme for better user experience
  13. Free Updates.

Now new TraefikPro icon will appear on desktop and start menu click to start app.

On first start it will ask for Codecanyon purchase code copy your codecanyon purchase code , paste it and click activate .First step is to import proxies , either you can click “AUTO IMPORT” to import latest fresh proxies from internet or you can click “IMPORT” to import your custom proxies .

Then add URLs to which you to send traffic, you can also import URLs from file .file should contain each URL on new line.

Now you can configure tweaks to customize traffic behaviour . In tweaks you can set number of hits you want to send per URL. You can customize minimum and maximum view time. You can also customize device emulation , threads and timeout . If you want to prevent bot to navigate internal pages to reduce bounce rate then you can uncheck Navigate Page option .Mass traffic bot TraefikPro Unlimited Website Visitor Free Download

Purchase will be valid for 1 year after activation. After that you will need to make new purchase and put new purchase code in app to continue . DO NOT SHARE YOU PURCHASE CODE IN PUBLIC COMMENTS . Since it is your license key for app . 1 purchase code can only be used in 1 machine . In order to use in another machine you need to first release it from current machine by clicking the settings icon on top right corner of app and click “RELEASE LICENSE”