WP Cerber Security Pro Nulled 9.0 WordPress Antispam & Malware Scan [Free Download]

As a developer, WordPress is your go-to platform for creating content for your website. As a hacker, WordPress has one weakness: its poorly designed code. This is where WP Cerber Security Pro Nulled comes in. It covers all of the major security holes and prevents hacks with its powerful “nulled” security component.

Cerber Security Pro Plugin Nulled Features

  • Mitigates brute force and code injection attacks
  • Restricts access with GEO country rules
  • Prevents both REST API and ordinary user enumerations
  • Restricts access to REST API and XML-RPC
  • Uses a global list of IP addresses known for malicious activity
  • Anti-spam for all forms on a website
  • Protects WooCommerce forms and check-out page
  • Protects registration, lost password and login forms
  • Country rules restrict form submissions by a set of GEO rules
  • Automatically cleans up spam comments
  • Automatic virus, trojan, and malware removal
  • Automatic WordPress file recovery
  • Scheduled scans on an hourly and daily basis
  • Scans all files, WordPress themes and plugins
  • Scans all folders for new and modified files
  • Emails alerts and reports when it’s needed
  • Layered security
    Traffic Inspector provides additional security layer that screens all suspicious requests and blocks them before they can harm a website.
  • Rich GEO access rules
    Restricts access and form submissions with GEO country rules. Set your own rules on what countries can submit forms, post comments, login, register, use WordPress REST API or XML-RPC.
  • Keeps you informed
    Be alerted to selected events with emails and security scanner reports. Whatever happens, the plugin keeps you in the loop.
  • Cerber Security Cloud
    Our cloud servers detect malicious IP addresses around the world in real time and block them before they can harm your website or inject spam.
  • Monitors user activity
    The plugin logs user activity and HTTP requests for authorized and non-authorized users. Live traffic viewer shows all HTTP requests with all fields.
  • Cybercriminals are tracked
    A real-time database of IP addresses known to disseminate spam, attempts to break-into websites, phishing attacks and other forms of malicious activity.

Cerber Security Pro Plugin Free Download

Cerber Security Pro Free Download detects, filters, and protects your websites against the most sophisticated DDoS attacks. It is a nulled set of specialized request inspection algorithms that analyze incoming requests for malicious code patterns and traffic anomalies.Bot detection engine identifies and mitigates automated attacks, and identifies threats that are otherwise hidden by the request’s obscurity.