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GenerateBlocks Pro Free Download v1.8.2 + v1.6.0 RC2  [Nulled]

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Fix: Border colors not showing when old attributes are set.
Tweak: Add support for the newly created core function “wp_img_tag_add_loading_optimization_attrs”


Fix: Icon padding controls order
Fix: Global styles overwriting local attributes
Fix: Editor controls spacing using RTL lang


Feature: Add flexbox alignment matrix component to Container toolbar
Feature: Add new Borders panel with width/style/color options for all four sides
Feature: Add new dimensions components in Spacing panel
Feature: Mix and match padding/margin units across sides and devices
Feature: Add more available units to all options that accept them
Feature: Allow text values (calc(), var(), etc…) in options that accept them
Feature: New “Add to Container” icon added to the toolbar of all blocks
Feature: Allow removal of Container block around innerBlocks
Feature: Display text field to allow user to replace image URL
Feature: Headline block show text in List View
Feature: Button block show text in List View
Feature: Image block show alt/title in List View
Feature: Add Block Label option to label Container, Query Loop, and Grid blocks in List View