WordPress Multisite User Sync Unsync Nulled 2.1.3 [Free Download]

WordPress Multisite User Sync Unsync Nulled plugin will synchronize one or more WordPress Multisite Network sites with a single WordPress Multisite site. If you are a site admin, you are only allowed to sync users from one site (blog) to the other sites (blogs) in your WP network.

Say goodbye to manually adding users on your WordPress Multisite Network! With the WordPress Multisite User Synchronizer Nulled, you can sync and unsync users from one site (blog) to any of the other sites (blogs) in your network. Whether you need to bulk-add users or mass-delete spam accounts, this plugin’s got your back. Get rid of all that manual work and automate it with a click.

Multisite User Sync Unsync Nulled Features

  • Sync automatically user in WordPress Multisite Network sites when user add/update/register.
  • User Sync Type options: ‘Auto Sync’ and ‘Manual Sync’.
  • Auto User Sync Type options: ‘All sites’, ‘Main site to sub sites’ and ‘Sub site to main site’.
  • Auto Unsync option: Enable/Disable auto unsync when user delete.
  • Exclude User Roles option.
  • Bulk sync/unsync users.
  • Individual sync/unsync user.
  • Frontend register user will automatically sync.
  • Sync/Unsync user to single site.
  • Sync/Unsync user to multiple site.
  • Also, support WooCommerce customers.

Multisite User Sync Unsync Free Download

Your WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync Free Download is perfect! It’s time to take your WordPress Multisite Network to the next level. You want every user to be synced across all of your sites – this plugin makes that happen.