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Tiered Pricing Table Nulled 4.1.0 ( for WooCommerce)

Your users will thank you for increasing your sales with WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Table Nulled. It’s an intuitive extension that allows you to create tiered pricing tables without any coding skills. This flexibility is not only for your business, but also for your customers since they get to choose the best pricing plan and you don’t have to worry about returns.

Your power is in your hands. You can offer any discount, at any quantity, to any customer. Yet, you may not be able to distinguish between your customers? Who are your best customers? Which customer segments should you spend more time on? With WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Table Nulled, you can now take advantage of tiered pricing while knowing exactly how to allocate your budget and resources

With our tiered pricing table, your restaurant can charge different prices for different quantities of the same dish. Your customers would be able to see how the price for one item changes depending on the quantity they have chosen.