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WPNotif Nulled 2.5

Wpnotif Nulled is a tool for WordPress site owners to send notifications to their customers. The notifications can be sent using SMS or WhatsApp.

The plugin comes with plenty of features for the site owner such as:

-You get the option of sending notifications using either the WordPress dashboard or you can integrate it with your contact form and social media channels

-You can set a specific time for when the notification should be sent, and you get an option to choose which days are suitable

– It has an option to use geolocation so that you can send notifications only in your local area

– You get a notification that tells you if someone has not opened your message

This is a great plugin for anyone who wants to stay in touch with their customers without getting them all at once

Wpnotify Nulled lets you send notifications to your customers using SMS or WhatsApp. They can be used when you want to remind your customer about an upcoming event, send a status update for a sale, or even just to say “Hi”. All you have to do is edit the message in the settings on the app and it will automatically be sent out.

Wpnotify also lets you set up automated texts so that you never have to think about sending another notification ever again. It lets you set up a schedule for when messages will be sent out so that they don’t go out at inconvenient times and it also has templates so that messages can be personalized without any work from the user. Wpnotify Nulled is currently available as an app on WordPress mobile sites and is coming soon for iOS devices