1.13.3 Magzine Elementor Review and Magazine Theme Nulled [Free Download]

Magzine Elementor Review and Magazine Theme Nulled is a WordPress theme that includes everything you need to build your website. It’s packed full of visual options and social media integrations, giving you complete power to define your own style. With Magzine, all you need to do is create content.

Magzine is a review and magazine WordPress theme that enables you to build your site with ease using the power of the free Elementor plugin. Magzine stands out from other themes by providing not only a drag and drop editor, but also an extensive admin panel. It comes with over 75 widgets to make it easy for you to personalise your website without any technical knowledge whatsoever!

Magzine Theme Nulled Features

  • Create unique rating displays or use the preset designs
  • Allows both traditional min/max score ratings and up and down voting
  • Users can add ratings via the rating element and the comment form
  • Create custom review forms for users to submit their own review posts
  • Set multiple criteria and weights for each rating
  • Show your ratings in Google Search Results (rich snippets)
  • Filter your posts and comments by ratings and number of votes
  • Easily manage site and user ratings for posts and comments from admin
  • Add additional review fields including good/bad points and summary
  • Restrict ratings based on user permissions
  • A hub is a post, page or custom page that is about any item such as a game, movie or product.
  • You can associate other posts, images and videos with your hubs and choose how this content is displayed on them.
  • Append endpoints to your page URLs so if your hub is at site.com/hub-name and you create an endpoint called “review” any hub will have a page at site.com/hub-name/review. Now you can show associated reviews on this page.
  • Alternatively you don’t have to use endpoints, you can keep all the associated content on the main hub and just use traditional tabs, it’s entirely up to you!

Magzine Theme Free Download

Are you searching for a magazine WordPress theme that will help you build your website with ease? Are you sick of bloated, clunky design plugins that make building a website a hassle? Then look no further than Magzine, an easy-to-use WordPress theme. Magzine Free Download is free and has been downloaded by over 5 million users. You can also use Magzine to create an elegant magazine website with the help of the free