Automatic Payment Status WooCommerce v1.6.7 by WpDesk Free Download

Automatically Complete WooCommerce Orders

WooCommerce Automatic Payment Status plugin Nulled makes it possible to automatically change order statuses to completed once the payment, i.e. via online money transfer, is received.

Save your and your Customer’s Time

The plugin is especially helpful when you sell such virtual products as downloadable software, different products, or services that do not require actual, physical shipping.

The benefits of the plugin:

  • Saving your time – once you’ve chosen the option in the settings and you’ve received the payment, the plugin will automatically change the status of the order to “Completed”. There’s no need to do all that manually! 
  • Saving your customer’s time – your client will receive only one e-mail notification that goes with only one status change (instead of the default “New” to “Pending” to “Processing” to, finally, “Completed”).
  • WooCommerce auto complete orders – no need to use hooks like woocommerce_payment_complete or woocommerce_order_status_completed. With the plugin, WooCommerce will automatically complete orders based on your preferable settings!