Clearfy Disable Admin Notices Nulled v1.1.0 Pro + v1.3.0 [Free Download]

The Clearfy Disable Admin Notices Nulled can be very annoying. We will introduce easy method to get rid of them once and for all.

WordPress is a flexible CMS. You can add or remove features to it by installing or removing plugins. There are thousands upon thousands of plugins that can add different functionality to your website.

Disable Admin Notices Plugin Nulled Features

  • You can hide the notice for other users who have access to the admin panel, while displaying this notice for yourself. (Multisite only)
  • And still, that you could see which notices are shows, we made the special item in the top admin bar that will collect all notices in one place. It is disabled by default to freeing space in the admin menu but you can enable it in plugin options.
  • We have also added a Hidden Notices page so that the site administrator can view the entire list of hidden notes and restore some of them, if necessary.
  • Compact panel — Instead of notices in the admin panel (no matter how many) a compact panel is displayed, it takes up little space and will not interfere with you. By clicking on the compact panel, you will see all your notes, click again and all your notes are hidden again. This is an easy way to keep track of notes, you won’t miss anything, all notes will be available in one click.
  • Block Ad Redirects — This feature will be useful to you to break advertising redirects. Some plugins, when updating or during installation, may redirect you to their page with advertisements or news. If plugins do this too often, it can be a headache for you. Break these redirects with our premium features.
  • Hide admin bar items (menu) — This function allows you to disable annoying menu items in the admin bar. Some plugins take up space in the admin bar to insert their ads. Just get rid of this ad with the premium features of our plugin.
  • Disable plugins updates nags
  • Disable core updates nags

Disable Admin Notices Plugin Free Download

The Disable Admin Notices Free Download Individually plugin can take care of annoying notices in the WordPress Dashboard.