Custom Admin Interface Pro Nulled v1.46

Custom Admin Interface Pro Nulled is the long awaiting pro version of WP Custom Admin Interface bringing a whole range of even more powerful tools and options to extend and modify the admin interface of WordPress.

Designed from the ground up, this pro level plugin has been engineered from the feedback amongst 10,000 users of the plugin!

The primary differentiator of Custom Admin Interface Pro is the ability to have multiple items across a range of modules, this includes the ability to have multiple: menu designs, toolbar designs, admin notices, admin and frontend CSS and JS/jQuery, dashboard widgets, hidden metaboxes, hidden plugins, hidden sidebars and hidden users with different conditions/rules applied to them. These conditions include the ability to apply or not apply the design to specific users or roles in WordPress. These modules also include a revisions system so different instances of your changes/edits can be restored at any time.

With this feedback we have also simplified certain parts of the plugin by making editing areas more intuitive and easier to understand whilst also extending the options available to other modules to provide additional customisation options.

Northern Beaches Websites is super proud to finally release this awesome, jam-packed new product, which our customers have been pestering us about for the last few years! Because this is a premium plugin it comes with priority email support and strong guarantees around the plugins functionality, so you can have peace of mind that you will get an awesome product and any issues you should experience will be promptly rectified, or you will receive a full refund.

Custom Admin Interface Pro Free Download has also been designed to be fully translatable for all our international users. Our team is keen to hear your feedback on how we can make Custom Admin Interface Pro even more awesome