Manga – FanFox (MangaFox) crawler v1.3.1.4 Free Download

Allow you to crawl data and import manga Nulled from (formly It supports both Auto (all mangas) and Manual (single manga) mode. With Proxy settings and various options

The one that you are long-waiting for is here: build a manga Free Download site in minutes without manual and boring work of uploading images. The tool will help you to import manga from Nulled (formly easily. Features of this plugin:

  • Work with all MangaBooth’s themes
  • Support auto-mode: scrape all mangas
  • Support manual-mode: scrape manga that  you specify
  • Proxy settings to bypass any anti-crawlers
  • Cron-jobs settings
  • Upload directly to cloud if you have any CDN settings (blogger, blogspot, amazon, imgur)

Just one click and leave it running.