Toolset All Components 19 05 2022 Free Download

No need to create child themes or write PHP. Toolset lets you design from inside WordPress. Toolset uses the WordPress Block Editor to create rich sites that look great on any device and load quickly. Toolset package includes everything you need for custom post types, custom field, templates, searches, forms, maps, access control and more!

Toolset Components List

  •   Toolset Framework Installer 3.1.17
  •   Toolset Blocks v1.6.3
  •   Toolset Types WordPress Plugin v3.4.16
  •   Toolset Maps v2.0.12
  •   Toolset Forms v.2.6.13
  •   Toolset Access v2.8.14
  •   Toolset Layouts v2.6.9
  •   Toolset Forms Commerce v1.8.4
  •   Toolset WooCommerce Views v.3.6.2