Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce Nulled v.1.1.2 by FmeAddons [Free Download]

Allow your customers to quickly upload a file as an attachment to their orders to more effectively communicate their requirements. Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce Nulled helps you enable this option on a product, cart, or checkout page. It will be a lot easier for the admin to understand the customization and need of customers. This plugin removes the communication gap with an easy file upload option. Accept files with specific types and sizes. It also enables you to restrict the feature to selected products, categories, and user roles.

Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce Nulled Features list:

  • Add file upload button to the product, cart, or checkout page.
  • Create multiple rules to manage the file upload option.
  • Customers can preview or delete files.
  • Allow single or multiple file uploads.
  • Determine specific file type and size for uploads.
  • Set a price to charge customers for file uploads.
  • Restrict rule by products, categories, user roles.
  • Admin can approve / disapprove file
  • Email Notification to customer on file approve or disapprove
  • Customize upload file button (text, color etc)
  • Download file option for admin & customer
  • Option to allow customer to attach a note with each file upload

Display the upload file button on the product page

WooCommerce upload file on product page empowers you to add a file upload option on product pages. It allows customers to provide details or physical representation about a specific style, design, color, or personalization they desire.

Enable file upload on the cart page

You can allow customers to upload files on cart pages too. Potential customers with products in the cart sometimes need to convey instructions relevant to those products. Now, they can easily upload a document before they proceed to the checkout with the WooCommerce upload files plugin Free Download.

Allow file upload on the checkout page

Checkout files upload for WooCommerce enables you to add a file upload button at the checkout page. Customers who proceed to checkout may need to provide information and instructions about the orders on the checkout page.

Allow customer to attach a note with each file upload

WooCommerce upload file allows customers to attach a note with each uploaded file that will help you to get the specific requirement from customers. You can make the note mandatory for customers.

Customer can preview files

As soon as the customer uploads a file Nulled, he or she can review it to ensure they’ve provided the right information. If they see an error, they can remove it before submission.