eBay Integration for WooCommerce v.2.0.9 by CedCommerce Free Download

The eBay Integration for WooCommerce Nulled makes selling on eBay, effortless. All it takes is a single mouse click for automating your eBay store with WooCommerce store. Also, the eBay bulk data exchange API makes it easy enough for new sellers to upload their products to eBay effortlessly.

The eBay Integration for WooCommerce Nulled allows real-time inventory synchronization, which is made possible by the use of schedulers. This plugin takes care of the tedious tasks of updating inventory, products, and other related information. Launch and get going with your thoroughly connected and automated store with new and upgraded eBay Integration for WooCommerce Free Download.

Restaurant for WooCommerce Nulled Key Features

Product Management through Bulk Action

You can import all of your eBay items on your WooCommerce store and control them from a single dashboard. The following features are included in the plugin:

  • Bulk upload
    Product uploading in bulk, along with the other product information such as price, variations, features, and deals, will be a breeze.
  • Bulk Update
    Time-consuming updates such as deals, rates, and inventory, will now be a cakewalk via Bulk Update feature.
  • End listing
    You can also remove your listings from eBay that you no longer wish to sell. This can be done using the plugin itself as well.

Centralized Inventory Management

Your inventory stock will be handled daily using the schedulers. As you continue to sell, the plugin will sync your inventory. The schedulers have built-in features that take care of the syncing. Following features are involved under the centralized inventory management:

  • Order Management
    Sync your orders from eBay to your WooCommerce store automatically.
  • Order fetching
    You can use the WooCommerce plugin to get your eBay orders and handle them from there.

Auto Upload

The plugin makes it super simple for new sellers to get started on eBay with the new improved release. Gone are the days when you had to manually select products to upload them on eBay. With the updated version, you can now upload 1000+ products in bulk without any sort of effort from your side. Everything will take place automatically in the background, and you’ll be able to view the upload status in the brand new feed management tab.

Feed Management

You can easily check the status of your bulk uploads using our brand-new feed management section. Get updated information about the percentage completion of your jobs along with the logs, if any, of your products failed to get uploaded. Following features are made available under the feed management option:

  • View Jobs
    See the scheduled product upload jobs under the Feed Management Section.
  • Check Status
    Check the status of the upload jobs by clicking the Check Status button alongside each Job.
  • Upload Log
    Once a job has finished processing, click the view logs button in the popup to fetch the Job Logs. You can get the status of product upload from the Logs.