Media Cloud (Premium) v4.2.37 Free Download

Media Cloud Nulled Automatically push and serve your WordPress media from Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, Backblaze and others.  Turbocharge your performance by using content distribution networks like CloudFront, Cloudflare, Fastly and more. Use Imgix to future proof your site and optimize images on the fly.

Media Cloud Features

Cloud Storage

Media Cloud is seamlessly integrated with WordPress’s media library so that you can continue working with media in WordPress like you normally would – your regular workflows remain the same.  The deep UI integration shows you information about your media on cloud storage in ways that makeit feel like it’s a regular part of WordPress.

Direct uploads, a feature unique to Media Cloud, are integrated right into the standard WordPress uploader.  Direct uploads allow you to upload your content straight to your storage provider, skipping WordPress altogether.  With direct uploads, you’ll see upload speeds boosted by 400% on average.